Ideas for decorating a High School English Classroom

I have been giving lots of thought to how to decorate my English classroom and I’m getting quite excited. I’d love to take a few tins of paint to it, cover the cork boards with bright material and put up some curtains, but finances do not allow for such decorating expenses at the moment so I am forced to keep it simple and budget.

The Wall of inspiration: This is something I have often done in my own bedroom and it’s lots of fun. The wall (or designated area on a wall) includes quotes, images, and generally anything that learners may find inspiring, and that can be pinned up on the wall. I will get the learners to bring in their own inspiring stories, pictures and quotes and make it a constantly changing and interactive space.

Framed Hero: This will be a designated space for notable mentions applicable to the English classroom. Characters from books, authors, poets etc. Maybe this can change each week. I thought about allocating a learner a week to do this section, but I’m not sure how well that would work.

Express-it Board: A board to pin up excellent writing done by learners. Thus can also include drawings, graffiti, poems etc. One option is to make it so that learners can submit anonymously if they want so that they can be encouraged to have their work read without any fear of criticism or ridicule.

Posters: A must for any class; these would be of plays, set work books and movie adaptations of books.

Words: Random words to fill the empty spaces. Big words that learners can add to their vocabulary and frequently misspelled words.

I will keep you updated on how my decorating plans go and hope to get some ideas flowing.


About Miss H

I am new to the world of teaching and learning along the way!
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